Hello! I am Matthias

As a child I wanted to be a truck driver, then a lumberjack and in the end it was enough to become an industrial clerk. I did the 11th grade twice and I also couldn't really cope with the German school system. That's why I've never seen a university from the inside and I've actually taught myself everything I'm really good at. What I am not so good at have probably been taught to me by other people :) ... Matthias I built my first websites at the end of the 90s, back then with the Netscape Composer. I have been working as a software developer since 2000. SEO was more or less always a part of it and what good is the best website for me if nobody can find it? Today I am Head Of Technical SEO at one of the largest German SEO agencies in Munich.

When I am not at work

I enjoy metal, singlespeed, gravel, MTB, travel, SEO, caffeine and software development. I know (almost) everything about Italian espresso machines and more about international aviation than all Lufthansa managers together. Some people think I'm a kind of financial guru (my private blog in German language), but I don't.

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